Thursday, September 24, 2015

I Love Homework

I know I have NO IDEA what's to come, in terms of homework...

...but I loathe it already.

Cleaning Spree Adventure in Drew's Room

Do you ever get to the point where you're fed up with all the CRAP in your kid's room?!?

I know my mom never was, but that's beside the point.

I went on a massive cleaning spree and this is what I found under Drew's bed.

And yes. That's a box of breakfast bars.


Cub Scouts

Drew is so excited to finally be involved in Scouts. After years of sitting through his sissy's meetings, watching his sissy sell cookies, and staying behind when his sissy got to go to outings, Drew is finally a CUB SCOUT!

And I mean. How handsome is he in his little uniform?!?

Who wants to buy some Boy Scout POPCORN?!?


Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Fall Ball

Because Emma enjoys softball so much, we signed her up for Fall Ball this year. We initially signed her up to play at AYBS, but unfortunately they didn't have enough interest to form a league.

So we signed her up to play at OYO, Oaklandon Youth Organization.

Where we make the trek all the way up there twice a week.

But actually - it's turned out to be a fantastic league. We are very impressed with their structure and how well-organized everything is. Much more so than AYBS, I must say.

She's playing in the 10U league, which means it's player pitch. Which means she's no longer the top-dog. Which also means it's uber-boring. 

I mean. For the love of the good Lord. 

These girls are just learning how to pitch, so every pitch is basically a ball. The girls rarely get a hit off of a pitch. They mainly walk to first base, then steal the remaining bases from player errors.

And Emma's gotten frustrated. She hasn't hit a single pitch so far. She's walked plenty of times, but she's also struck out plenty as well. And Emma doesn't do too well with failure...because in her eyes, she's failing if she's not hitting.

Imagine it in her eyes: in the spring, she was the Top Dog. Always getting huge hits out to the field; even getting a grand slam! Now, she only walks and "steals" bases.

So I've been telling her that this year kinda sucks. It's the year where everyone is learning how to pitch. And she gets it...heck, she's still showing interest in it and in fact, wants to take some additional pitching lessons to get it down. So that's promising.

But in the meantime, it's been a challenge to watch. I can't say they're the most exciting games to watch...

Veronica, Emma, and Sydney

She's a hefty lefty!!


A Visit to a Hall of Famer

Drew thinks he's a pretty big deal.

Not only is he playing flag football at Chartard, but he's also the son of a real, life Hall of Fame-r.

His dad.

Back-To-School Night

I always enjoy Back-To-School night because it not only gives me a chance to meet the kids' teachers, but it also allows me to see all the neat things they've learned - and will learn - at school. 

And I must say, it was pretty cute to see these life-size figures that the 3rd graders made.

And how about this sweet note that Emma wrote to me?!?

 It reads:

Dear Mom,
Thank you for letting me come to this school. Make shure [sure] to be carfel [careful] when you open up my desk. Thank you for being my mom i love you so so much. That is all i have to say.
love your dater [daughter],
P.S. bring home my water bottle